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Will I receive a mail ballot application if I applied for one in the past?

No. Texas Senate Bill 1 requires voters to request an application on an annual basis. Eligible voters can either request a mail ballot for all elections in a given year or a specific election. Voters must select a party if voting in the March Primary Election.

What are the new ID requirements?

Texas Senate Bill 1 requires voters MUST provide their Texas Driver’s License number, Texas Personal ID number, Election Identification Certificate number or the last four digits of their Social Security Number on the mail ballot application.

Which form of identification should I use?

The identification you provide on your mail ballot application must match what is on file in your voter record. If the ID you provide does not match what is on file, your application will be rejected, meaning you will receive a letter of explanation along with a new application that you must fill out and return before the mail ballot application deadline.

Failure to provide an exact match on the application to what is on your voter record could result in a rejection of the application, meaning voters will need to return a corrected mail ballot application before the mail ballot application deadline.

How can I avoid delays in receiving my ballot?

  • Call Harris County Elections at (713) 755-6965. The voter services team is dedicated to walking voters through the process of filling out applications. There are operators who are fluent in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese.
  • Provide both forms of ID. Even though the form only asks for one, the best way to ensure an application isn’t rejected is to provide both a Texas ID and the last four digits of your Social Security Number.
  • Provide a contact email or phone number on your application so our team can immediately reach out and address any issues with the application to minimize potential delays.

How can I receive a mail ballot for ALL elections in 2022?

In section five of the application, you can select “Annual Application: Send me a ballot for all elections in this voting year”. If a voter wants to vote in the Primaries, they are required to indicate a political party and select either “March 1st Democratic Primary and Runoff” or “March 1st Republican Primary and Runoff” in the options to the right.

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