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Voting is more accessible this year with the Countywide Polling Place Program. You don’t have to go to a designated location to vote; you can vote anywhere that’s close and convenient to you—at any of 700+ locations on Election Day.

Use the Harris County Poll Finder tool to get election reminders and step-by-step directions to the nearest polling location using our Poll Finder text and Facebook tool.

Text VOTE to 1-833-937-0700 or message us on Facebook to begin!

Shape The Future Your Vote Counts

The Your Vote Counts dashboard allows citizens to better understand the unique impact that their vote has in the election. Using their home address, they’ll uncover useful information about their voter precinct, see what will be on their ballot and learn about historical area voter turnout to encourage them to participate in the election.

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Information is vital to accessing the voting process. For this reason, I encourage you to contact us if you have a question, need assistance or have a suggestion.

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