Election Division Election Training

Next Election: May 01, 2021 - Uniform Election
Early Voting: April 19th - April 27th

Election Training Election Training Classes

The Office of the Elections Administrator is hosting mandatory Q&A sessions on Zoom for all judges and clerks working the Dec. 12 Runoff Election. Key procedures will be reviewed, and instructors will answer questions.

Election Training Training Through ZOOM

To help ensure the health and safety of Harris County election workers, all Early Voting and Election Day classes are delivered through the website ZOOM.US as webinars. Taught by live instructors with real time question/answer sessions, classes offer a thorough coverage of procedures as well as an interactive experience to enhance learning, all from the safety of your home.


Online Training Paysheet

Election Training Handouts/Manuals

Election workers are provided with handouts of the training slides as well as manuals for every class.

Elections Reference Manual
ADA Manual (Americans with Disabilities Act)
PPE Guide for Early Voting
PPE Guide for Election Day

Because these documents are large, you can download them here. They will not be emailed.

Election Training Supplemental Training

In addition to the required training for election workers, Harris County has also developed a variety of supplemental training videos that you can view at any time:

Equipment Setup - While this video was developed for the Electronics Supply Specialists, it is a comprehensive description of setting up and breaking down all the election equipment.
Setting up Your Polling Location
Opening the Polls
Processing Voters
Suspending the Polls (Early Voting)
Closing the Polls

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Information is vital to accessing the voting process. For this reason, I encourage you to contact us if you have a question, need assistance or have a suggestion.

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