How do I become a Poll Worker?

An individual who is interested in working at a poll may sign-up with the Harris County Clerk Office by clicking the ‘apply now’ option below. The County Clerk’s Office actively recruits poll workers and keeps a list of recruits, especially bilingual poll workers, to support presiding election judges in their effort to staff Election Day polling locations.

In Texas, by law, the presiding election Judges are empowered to hire their Election Day staffs. Thus, an individual who is interested in working at a poll may also directly contact the presiding judge of their precinct to volunteer their services.

Individuals are also encouraged to contact one of the major political parties for possible nomination to work as a presiding or alternate election judge or election clerk.

NOTE: When the law deems it an emergency, if the major political parties and Commissioners Court fail to nominate and appoint Presiding or Alternate Election Judges of each precinct or when the Presiding Election Judge of a precinct fails to hire poll workers, the Harris County Clerk's Office may appoint Presiding Judges and clerks directly.


To be eligible for appointment as a pollworker/election clerk, you must be registered voter in Harris County. Individuals with Vietnamese, Chinese and Spanish language skills are in great demand.

A person is ineligible to serve as a poll worker if the person is employed by, related to, the campaign treasurer, and/or a campaign manager of a candidate [Secs. 32.052, 32.053, 32.054, 32.055, 32.0551, 32.0552 - Texas Election Code].

What are the hours of service?

A poll workers hours of service may be arranged with the presiding election judge, but it is preferred that selected clerks serve the entire Election Day. Election Day normally begins at 6:00 a.m. and ends at 8:00 p.m. (Voting occurs between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.) Each clerk scheduled to work the entire day at a poll is strongly encouraged to bring a sack lunch.

I hate to ask, but how much do I get paid if I’m appointed?

All alternate election judges and election clerks, including bilingual election clerks, receive $8.50/hour. Presiding election judges receive $10.50/hour.